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As Graeme said, they all use white bulbs.

1) North American tails. All red, blinkers are in the bottom outside corners (REAR FOG location in all EURO lights), blink red (the true "Euro blinker spot", third down is not used).

2) "basic" golf tails. Lenses are red/red/AMBER/red&clear

3) bora tails. Lenses are red/red/red/red&clear.

4) "ocean" tails. Lenses are red/red/clear/red&clear

ALL euro tails blink amber. Therefore 3 & 4 above have a little blink lense inside that creates the amber. The bora tails use a reflector for the turns that are a clear/red combo so when you look at them from directly behind they look red, but they blink amber. You can kinda see what I mean when you look at the picture above for number 3).