Engine info

Engine type: EA288 engine (CRUA)

Engine oil

Oil spec:VW 507.00
Oil weight:5W30
Oil quantity: 5.5 Liters

Wiper blades

LocationBosch #notes
Front Left26 OEIcon
Front Right18 OEIcon
rearA282H"OE Specialty"

Tire pressure

tire sizeVW Rec. pressure


low beamH7LL
high beamH1555/15 W dual filament, 15W is used for DRL and running light
DRLH15part of high beam bulb
Front fog lightH11Not sure which one yet, since they're the same fixture
Cornering lightH7LL
Front turn signalHard to find, and expensive! $14-$25 each!
PW Y24WEuro part #
12181NAUS part #
N10776302VW part #

Front sidemarker: 2825L LED

7440 bulb: standard lumens: 465 lm

Reverse bulb: 7440, 921 (921 narrower, I don't trust this, I think 7440 is wrong)
Brake light: 7440 (W21W)
Parking/running lights: 2825L, LED ( Not running?)
Rear Fog: 7440
Rear Turn: 7440NA
Tail light: 7440  (running?)

Glove box light: 2821
Luggage compartment: 6411
Map light W5WB
Rear reading light: W5WB
Vanity mirror: 6418

Curb weight

Curb weight: 3,199 lbs
(2004 Jetta TDI wagon: 3,095